Montigo Resorts, Nongsa (Indonesia)

This entry will be shared based on my experience as a first timer to Montigo Resorts (MR). The staycation took place from 01/09/2013 (Sunday) to 02/09/2013 (Monday).

Book a Villa: 

– Montigo Resorts’ official website,

– Managed to book a villa with Advance Purchase Promotion (valid till 31/12/13): 14 days in advance gets 15% discount while 30 days in advance gets  20% discount.

– We spent about SGD350+ for accommodation.

– There are 4 types of villas: Hillside, Hilltop (my option), Beachfront, Spa.

How to Get To Montigo Resorts: 

Option 1 – Montigo Resorts’ Private Yacht

– A more expensive option.

– Have not read any blog which shares about the service.

– You can find out the price etc when booking the villa.

– MR has an office at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. However, it was closed when we were there.

Option 2 – Public Ferry (my option)

– Book a ferry ticket via Batam Fast Ferry Services ( $45 per pax for 2 ways ticket.

– Departs from: Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Singapore

– Arrives at: Nongsa Pura Ferry Terminal (NPFT), Indonesia

– After booking the accommodation, we received an email from MR requesting for our arrival details so that they can arrange for the land transfer. The bus journey took about 10 mins from ferry terminal to MR.


– Indonesia’s time is 1 hour behind Singapore’s.

– Visa is required for some Nationalities –

– There were many middle-aged people who took the same ferry as us and would transfer to another ferry once they arrive at NPFT. The ferry was almost full when it departed SG.

– The ferry did not depart on time.

MR’s Land Transfer: 

Upon arrival, proceed to the Immigration Counter. MR’s staff was already there waiting for us when we reached and he was a very friendly bloke who was smiling all the time. He ushered us onto MR’s coach and politely excused himself to pick up a few more guests.

Montigo Resorts

Arrival at Montigo Resorts:

The weather was pretty cloudy when we arrived and it started pouring soon. But we were kept “warm” due to the hospitality of the staff! They were very friendly and polite – definitely received good customer service throughout my stay! Keep up the good work!

Montigo Resorts

They ushered us to the couch at the reception and provided iced lemongrass tea & warm towel. Staff would also bring the check-in documents for you to sign after you have provided your passport.


– Tilo is the official mascot of Montigo Resorts.

– Wish they can be more mindful of spelling mistakes as I wasn’t sure if I should sign the document since my name and email address were spelt wrongly. However, if you ain’t particular, you may choose to sign it. Alternatively, request for them to change the mistake(s) first.

– Reception hall has a good view of the villa & ocean. It was spacious and we were able to find a place to enjoy the service (while waiting to check-in) though a few groups of people were checking out when we arrived.

– Check in time is at 3pm but we arrived at about 1pm. Was asked to wait at the restaurant (TADD’S) while they attempt to clean the resort for us asap.

– Check out time is at 12noon but you may request for late check out (depends on the availability that day).

– Mode of travel: Buggy.

Montigo Resorts

Eat @ MR:

We decided to order some food at TADD’S while waiting for the rain to stop and for the villa to be ready. Had some snacks (chilli sotong & bread) and drinks (juice & beer) which cost about SGD25 in total.


– Room service wasn’t bad at all. We tried the Nasi Goreng (rice, satays, barbequed prawns, egg, chicken wing) and Nuggets (heart-shaped!) with Chips. Total was about $23 and we think for a 5 stars resort, it’s worth it. Many shared online that the food ain’t great at all but we were lucky to order the Nasi Goreng.

– Breakfast was complimentary and ain’t bad at all. We had the American Breakfast cause we thought it’s more value for money.

MR’s Hilltop Villa: 

About an hour later, our villa was ready so we took a buggy back to the reception to collect the key before we went in to our villa. Once at the villa, the staff brought our bags in and briefly let us know about the facilities available in the villa.

First level – There are TV (with various channels), WII, kitchen (basic utensils available, no knife), soft drinks in the fridge (complimentary!), private pool, bathroom…

Second level – 2 bedrooms with bathrooms each. The master bedroom has showers & tub while the second bedroom (2 single beds) has a shower.

Third level – roof with seats and can be used for in-house BBQ (not recommended as I personally think it’s quite expensive and the food seems average). This place also provides an awesome sea view.

Housekeeping at night – 2 male staff came knocking on our door at night to do a second round of housekeeping. Basically, they will go up to the master bedroom and place an animal (made of towel) on your bed. I personally did not like the idea as I think it can be unsafe if the villa only has female guests and our personal belongings might be in the bedroom (thankfully we haven’t move our bags up).

Montigo Resorts

Mishaps & Happenings

Mishap #1 – We were out at the pool area and closed the sliding doors. However, got locked out of the villa instead. Thankfully, there were staff & construction workers on the opposite side of the villa and they managed to come to our “rescue”!

Mishap #2 – Phones in our villa don’t seem to be working well. Luckily we still managed to call for room service & buggy service. However, we did not manage to contact the reception when we were trying to check out the next day. Ended up waiting outside the villa to flag down buggy.

Mishap #3 – Black out! Holy moly! Thank goodness I was with Mr in the living room watching movie instead of being alone in the toilet or somewhere else in the house! We managed to make our way to level 2 to take the Emergency Torch from the master bedroom – I found it randomly while looking around the room in the day. Maybe they should have a torch at level 1! The black out lasted about 5 to 10 mins.

Happening #1 – There is Wii available in each villa. However, we did not try it out. Not sure what are the games available.

Happening #2 – Mr had a 5 min complimentary massage while we were on the way back to the villa after breakfast! Might try out the spa next time?

Happening #3 – Having an awesome time with Mr!

Montigo Resorts - Spa


The staycation was a good trip to get away from the hustle and bustle in our lives. We had a good quiet time and enjoyed each other’s company a lot. I would love to go back again and hopefully there will be some good promotion!


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